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The idea for this book came about after dozens of people asked, "How do I get a job like yours?"


Hunting Dream Jobs is a collaboration of many minds sharing hundreds of years of collective experience. It provides a unique look into the personal journeys of some of the most prominent and successful individuals in the hunting industry.


The purpose of this book is to help you understand the hunting industry from the insider’s point of view so you can set a course toward getting your foot in the door and landing your dream job. Each person involved in this book contributed to the goal of providing you with information useful in your pursuit of a dream job in the hunting industry. There are many dream jobs that could suit your personality, skills and objectives. We have only touched the surface of what’s out there but feel we have covered a myriad of topics and possibilities.


While interviewing persons for this book it quickly became apparent that trying to format all this knowledge into a readable, comprehensive format was going to be difficult. The first draft was too confining and ultimately thrown into the trash bin. With so many personalities involved and so much information at hand, we decided to keep it simple by letting everyone’s story reflect their own conversational style. We did not want to edit everyone’s answers to read as if they all spoke sentences in absolutely correct English. We wanted their personalities to shine, so we occasionally took a few liberties with proper writing style.


You will discover several common threads of advice interwoven in the responses from these industry veterans. Their answers reflect their personalities; some are short, direct and to the point while others take great care to explain as much as possible. Each is filled with valuable reflection, advice and knowledge gained from training, experience, hard work and good old fashioned ingenuity.


Most of the interviewees don’t consider their chosen profession to be a mere “job” but more of a career. We even considered changing the name of the book to reflect this. When your life’s work is a joy and a blessing, you truly have a career and not just a job. We decided to keep the word “job” in the title because so many people ask us, “How do I get a job like yours?” We certainly could not include everyone in this collection and know there are many individuals we missed. It has taken us the better part of a year to interview these persons of interest, as many of them keep unbelievable schedules filled with long hours and demanding responsibilities. However, it was well worth the time and effort. We learned a great deal from our colleagues and believe you will too.


Contact "GRACE, CAMO & LACE" for any remaining copies

The overall theme of Hunting Dream Jobs is about the journey toward a goal. Your goal may be to land a specific dream job. Perhaps getting any job in the hunting industry would be a dream. You may actually want to hunt for a living but don’t know how to accomplish this goal. It can be frustrating to watch others living the dream so to speak, and not have a clue how to follow in their footsteps or create your own path.


We understand that. With this book we set out to answer many of your questions by asking people with dream jobs in the hunting industry to describe how they got their job and what advice they have for you. We asked each person the same set of questions. Their answers are as diverse as the pool of individuals involved. There are a variety of jobs covered by the interviews, from entrepreneurs, chief executive officers and corporate presidents, to pro-staff members, marketing executives, guides, outfitters, television personalities and more. There are literally hundreds of jobs in the hunting industry. Many of them require the job holder to go hunting, for others hunting is a perk. Many of them require extensive travel, others not so much. Some of the jobs put the individual in the public eye, others keep a low profile. None are less or more vital than the other, but each one has its ups and downs.


Each person in this book was chosen specifically because of their ability to provide a unique perspective of the hunting industry. Every one is important. Every one has a journey that tells a very personal story. These answers are just the tip of the iceberg. Every one could write a wonderful autobiography from which you could glean valuable advice.


Jim Shepherd expressed it best, “Here you go…the Cliff's notes of your questions.” You may want to look through the book and first read the stories of people with whom you are familiar. There are several well-known people included. You may flip through and read about specific job titles that interest you. Or you may want to know the answers each person provided for one specific question. Although not written in standard Q & A style, the format of this book enables you to do all of these things. We asked each person all of the questions below. Some chose to skip a question or may have combined answers to more than one question. Either way, we tried to include all of their answers in full.

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